Captain Benefits

Administrator Portal

CaptainBenefits provides a dynamic solution that’s simple to use and provides unique portals to your clients. With its distributed work flow model, your team will be more effective and your clients will feel more in control of their information.


One of CaptainBenefits unique features is its Point-in-time design. If you want to know the status of an Employee on a specific date, just select “As Of Date”. This is true for all data in the platform:

  • Beneficiaries / Beneficiary Designations
  • Dependents / Dependents Coverages
  • Employee / HR Information
  • Elections

The Point-In-Time feature is also available with:

  • Reporting
  • Exports


CaptainBenefits uses AES 256 bit Encryption to ensure important information is secure and safe:

  • Member’s Identification values
  • Banking Information
  • User Names / Password
  • E-Mail Addresses

Data Sharing

CaptainBenefits user defined Import/Export layouts make it easy to share data between your client’s platform and CaptainBenefits. Grant access to your clients and they can access the Import and Export processes.

CaptainBenefits Portals

CaptainBenefits offers the following portals for your clients and their employees:

  • Broker Portal

    Let the Broker setup their Employer Clients and Plans, and then you handle the ongoing administration. Or just grant them access so they have access to their client’s information. The options are unlimited and up to you. CaptainBenefits Point-in-time design gives your Brokers the power to perform the yearly analysis to develop the new Plan Year offerings.

  • Employer Portal

    Give your Employer clients the level of control they require to feel comfortable. Grant them access to view information or update information. Give them the freedom to run their own reports and export the information they need.

  • Employee Portal

    Allows Employees to make Open Enrollment Elections and manage ongoing life events.