Captain Benefits

Address Changes

The portal automatically verifies the eligibility of their current elections. If they are not eligible based on their new address:

  • If the Benefit category offers a default plan and they are eligible, they are automatically enroll into the default plan, otherwise the election(s) are terminated.
  • An Enrollment Window is opened which allows the Employee to make changes to only those elections that were modified because of the address change. They are not allowed to make any changes to dependent coverages.
Dependent Changes
  • Based on the access profile, new Dependents can be placed into a pending status awaiting verification.
Beneficiary and Designation Changes
  • The Employee may add new Beneficiaries and change their Designation any time thought out the year.
Contact Information
Family Status Change
  • Allows the Employee to make new Current Year Elections and submit documentation for proof of the event. The new Elections are place into pending awaiting verification.
Name Change
  • Based on the access profile, new Name Changes can be placed into a pending status awaiting verification.

My Benefits

Your Choices
  • This section lists the current Plan Year Benefits the Employee has enrolled into, along with an estimated Annual Tax Savings. They also have access to prior Plan Year Elections as well.
  • If a Plan Summary is available, a link provides easy and direct access to the Plan Summary.
  • If Resources are associated with a Plan, a link provides easy and direct access to those Resources. There is no need to go and search another page.
Employer Provided
  • The Benefits Statement helps the Employee understand that their compensation is more than just their Annual Salary.

  • This section outlines the Benefits the Employer provides along with the Employer’s costs.

Enrollment Windows

Enrollment Windows are used to control life events and the period in which the Employee must complete the event.

Address Changes
Family Status Changes
Evidence of Insurance (EOI) Verification
New Year Enrollments

Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process provides a simple step-by-step process where they will:

Annual Cost Estimator
  • The Annual Cost Estimator allows the Employee to compare their Annual Out-of-Pocket expense by Plan.
  • The Employee simply answers a few questions on their expected usage, and the site estimates their Annual Out-of-Pocket expense.
Plan Selection
  • The Plan Selection page provides a simple side-by-side cost comparison of the Plans that are available.
  • If a Plan Summary is available, it’s simply a click away.
  • Are there Resources associated with the Plan? If so, they are easily accessible. There’s no need to go searching for them on another page.
  • If the Plan is rated by smoking, it displays the additional cost if their Spouse smokes.
Compare Plan Summaries
  • The Plan Comparison page provides a side-by-side comparison of the benefits each Plan offers.
Confirmation Of Choices
  • The final step in the Enrollment Process has the Employee review and confirm their choices.
  • If the Employee needs to make a change, they can be redirected to the Plan they wish to change.
  • The page outlines the Total Costs of each Plan, along with the Employee’s and Employer’s portions.