Captain Benefits

About Us

Originally as BenSoft Inc. and now as TJH Solutions Inc., has been providing Benefit Solutions since 1992. Our first product, Benefit Administrator, was an upgrade option to the Ceridian’s HR/Payroll solution which expanded their solution to include a full benefit administration platform. The Benefit Administrator was sold to 60+ employers including Callaway Gold, American Medical Response, AMR Services (division of American Airlines) and many more. This product was discontinued in 1999 as we changed our focus to develop a cloud based solution for the administration of Spending Accounts (FSA/HRA/HSA//Section 132).

In 2001 we released the first real-time cloud based Spending Account administration platform. This platform revolutionized Spending Account administration with its real-time claim submission and automated back office processing. We modeled the solution on the Ceridian/ADP idea, where employers send the payroll information to their payroll vendor, and then the payroll vendor performs the back office tasks of calculating paychecks, printing/ mailing and processing direct deposit.

In 2004 we brought to market the RepayMe debit card which allowed participants to access their Spending Account funds to pay for service at the point of sale/service instead of submitting a claim and waiting for reimbursement. Again another first for the industry, as the card was integrated into RepayMe with real-time updates versus the overnight batch solutions that were offered by other vendors. RepayMe was used by 50+ Third Party Administrators to administer 350,000+ participants.

In 2008 RepayMe and BenSoft Inc. were acquired by Metavante (which was acquired by Fidelity National Information Servcs Inc (FIS) in 2009).

With all the movement around the Affordable Care Act and Private Benefit Exchanges, and with the success we had with the Benefit Administrator, we decided to bring it back as a cloud based solution. We took all of the knowledge and experience we attained with the development and running of RepayMe to build CaptainBenefits, a powerful and easy to use benefit administration solution.

Leadership Team

Tom Horan
Before founding CaptainBenefits®, Tom founded BenSoft Inc and He has been involved in developing innovated benefit solutions since the early 90s.
Tony Rodriguez
Business Development Director
Allied industry professional with a passion for innovation. Core competency includes incorporating new technologies to create better communications, better workflow and more effective relationships, both B2B and B2C.