Captain Benefits

Employer Portal

Think of the Employer Portal as an extension of your administration team. Depending on the type of access granted, the Employer can perform all the tasks an administrator can perform.

Employee Maintenance
  • Enter new Employees and maintain existing ones
  • Enter Beneficiary Designations
  • Enter new Elections, Open Enrollment Elections and Family Status Changes
  • Enter Dependents and Beneficiaries and maintain existing ones
Imports and Exports

The Employer creates custom Import and Export layouts to meet their specific needs. Using these layouts, they can:

  • Initially load their Employee information
    • Employee/HR
    • Elections
    • Beneficiaries and Dependents
  • Import information for ongoing Employee/HR maintenance
  • Exports

    With CaptainBenefits Point-in-time design, they can export the following at any point in time:

    • Employee/HR Information
    • Elections/Dependent Coverages
    • Carrier Eligibility information
    • Payroll Deduction files

The Point-in-time design allows them to view their information at any point in time:

  • Employee and HR Information
  • Elections and Dependent Coverage Information
  • Carrier Eligibility Information
  • Carrier Billing Information
  • and more
  • Dependent Verification
  • Family Status Change Verification
  • Name Change Verification
  • Payroll Interface
  • and more
Plan Rules

Allows the Employer to review their Plan Design, including Eligibility Rules and Plan Rates.