Captain Benefits

Product Highlights

Point-in-time Database

Allows access to information at any Point-in-time:

Member information
  • Beneficiaries
  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Dependents
  • Dependent Coverages
  • Elections
  • Members Personal Information, HR Information and User Defined Columns
Exporting data

Unlimited Benefit Plans

You can define Unlimited Benefit Categories and Plan Options within each Benefit Category.

Rules Based Platform
Plan Year Driven
Simple Point-n-Click Plan Design
Cross Plan Verification
Flexible Rating Options
  • Active, Retiree, COBRA
  • Age, Location, Smoking
  • User Defined – allows rating on any (or combination) of the Member’s data elements

Access Levels

The User Access module allows the Administrator to control the types of User who have access, and the actions they can perform.

Access Profiles

Access Profiles allows the Administrator to create common access permission which can be assigned to Administrators, Brokers and Employers.

  • On Employer setup, Access Profiles are used to define the level of access for their Employees

Self Service

Depending on the type of access granted, users can perform various tasks:

Member Portal

They can perform the following:

  • Address Changes
  • Dependent Additions
  • Name Changes
  • Family Status Changes
  • Open Enrollment Elections

These changes can be placed into Pending Awaiting Verification by the Administrator (or Broker or Employer if they have been granted access).

Broker and Employer Portals

They can perform the same tasks as an Administrator, freeing your team to focus on Customer Service.

Communication Module

Tracks all communication between Administrator and Member:

  • Conversations
  • E-mails
  • Notices

Automated Process

You can setup schedules for various tasks to be performed automatically, freeing your team to focus on Customer Service.

Pending Transactions

Allows elections to be entered before the Member’s eligibility date. Once they are eligible, they are automatically enrolled.

Carrier Eligibility and Billing

Carrier Eligibility

With our Template based design, Administrators can setup a new Carrier Interface in minutes without any programming.

Eligibility processes may be run as needed, and the files are retained and can be accessed later.

Reporting Options

  • Changes Only
  • Full / Complete
Carrier Billing
  • Automated Retroactive Adjustments
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Retained for later access

Data Sharing

User Defined Import and Export Layouts make it easy to share data between platforms. Brokers and Employers can create their own layouts to meet their specific needs.

CaptainBenefits Point-in-time design allows data to be exported at any point in time. Want to compare this year’s enrollment to last years?

Import File Formats:
  • Excel
  • Tab Delimited

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On allows Employee’s to transfer from your HR Portal (or another portal) directly into the Member Portal without having to login.

Security - AES 256 bit Encryption

Member’s Identification Values
Banking Information
User Names / Password
E-Mail Address

Multiple Language Support