Captain Benefits


CaptainBenefits Marketplace module is very dynamic. Its simple unique design allows you to set up one set of Benefit Rules and then offer them to multiple Employers. When Employers are added to the Marketplace, they inherit the rules of the Marketplace, so you only manage one set of Benefit Rules. Adding a new Employer to the Marketplace takes just a few minutes! Also, think of the time/cost savings when setting up subsequent Plan Years! You don’t have to update every Employer, you only update the Marketplace.

You can setup multiple Marketplaces to meet different needs.

Association Health Plans

You have the option to create one large Marketplace to support multiple Associations, or you can create a custom Marketplace specifically to meet an Association’s requirements.

Small Employer Market

CaptainBenefits Marketplace can make managing the Small Employer Market much simpler and cost effective. Create a Marketplace or multiple Marketplaces by region. Then add all of the Benefit Plans available within that region. Now within less than an hour, you can add a new Employer to the Marketplace. What if you could take twenty-five of your small employer groups and place them within a Marketplace? Think of the time and cost savings you would achieve each year setting up the new Plan Year Rules. With the Marketplace, you set up one new set of Plan Year rules, not twenty-five!

The Marketplace is flexible, so within a Marketplace, you can vary the rules by Employer:

Benefit Plans Offered

ABC Company doesn’t wish to offer Vision; you can update the eligibility of the Vision Plan not to be offered to the ABC Company.

Employee Cost Sharing Percentage

ABC Company has their Employees contribute 50% of the medical costs, while the XYZ Company has their Employees contribute 25%.